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How to Take Better Phone Photos – Part 3

So, you have a better camera app for your phone. And now you’ve added some lighting. What’s next?


Yes, once you’ve finished taking the photo, there are better options for editing than just using what’s included in your camera app. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of power in those programs but they are not designed for hardcore editing.

Also, you can edit in the programs we’re about to discuss, then switch back to your camera app and apply a favorite filter if you’d like. That’s double the editing, right?

Personally, I have used all apps listed here. They’re great for editing on the fly and creating professional looking images – even from a phone photo!

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Google’s free image editing software for iOS and Android is very powerful editing suite. You can create and save your own looks, use professional level RAW editing, adjust white balance and curves, or apply filters and use basic retouching tools.

Did I mention that it’s free?

Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom is another powerful, FREE editor, for your phone or tablet. It’s geared more towards editing larger groups of photos as opposed to individual images, but, in that sense, it offers a lot of things that other apps don’t.

The free version of Lightroom app allows you to edit, organize, and export your photos. You can use presets to make bulk editing faster.

But the true power of this app comes when you have the paid Adobe subscription.

With your paid monthly subscription, you can sync your photos to your Adobe online account, and edit them from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Just shot a wedding but you’re going out of town for a few days and still want to get some editing done? Sync your photos, pull them up on your iPad and get your editing done on the go!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, but I have presets on my laptop/desktop that I use. I won’t be able to use them on my mobile device, right?”


You can sync all your presets. Have a preset on your desktop you love? You can use that. Created a new preset on your tablet that you’d like to use on your phone? Yep, it’s there.

The days of being stuck to your computer to edit your photos are gone!


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Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express offers a very feature rich platform for editing while still being totally FREE!

A few of the basic features it includes:

  • Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. Remove red-eye and pet-eye.
  • Auto-Fix: A one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, and white balance.
  • Supports RAW, TIFF, and PNG files as well as JPEG
  • Blemish removal: Remove spots, dirt, and dust from your photos with one touch.
  • Text tool – great for social media posts!
  • Corrections: Slide controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, and vibrance.
  • 45 different filters
  • Customization: Create and save your own filters!!.
  • Perspective Correction: Fix those skewed photos with just a click! Choose from auto (balanced or full auto), vertical, or horizontal perspective correction options.
  • Borders: Add a distinctive personal touch to your photos with 15 borders and frames. You can even match the border color with the colors in the image.
  • Choose JPEG quality on export
  • Watermark images
  • Export to social media or SMS message!

Did we mention that this is totally free too?

Filterstorm Neue

From the company that brought us the original Filterstorm app comes Filterstorm Neue. This app is optimized to run on the latest operating systems so that it runs faster. It’s also been updated to be easier to use!

Some of the features in Filterstorm Neue include:

  • Black & White
  • Blur/Sharpen
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Clone
  • Curves
  • Hue, saturation and temperature adjustments
  • Reduce Noise
  • Shadows/Highlights
  • Tone Map
  • Exposure
  • Edit iPhone pictures at full size
  • 10-step undo history¬†when using image tiling

It’s going to run you $2.99. There’s also a “Professional” version that will run you $14.99 that allows for batch processing and handling larger groups of images.


I hope you’ve found this series of posts helpful. Remember, just because you’re using your phone doesn’t mean you can’t take great pictures!

Just remember the three biggest components – your camera app, lighting, and editing – and you’ll be taking better phone pics in no time.

Tell me what phone/tablet photography apps you’re using in the comment section!

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