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Photo Composition Tip: Framing Your Subject

Previously on the blog, I mentioned that composition tricks such as leading lines can help grab the attention of your viewer. Well, here is another photo composition tip: framing your subject?

What is framing? To “frame” your subject within your composition, you find either a naturally occurring frame (such as a doorway, arch, tree branches, etc.) or create a frame around your subjects.

an example of framing the subject a type of photographic composition picture by Casey Fatchett
Photo by Casey Fatchett – Copyright 2022 –

How do you create a frame? There are countless ways! Hold the branches of a tree. Have the subject use their hands to create a frame around their face. You can even use light to create a type of frame and make your subject stand out.

Learn more about framing as a composition tool in the video below:


Add a little spice to your photos with this tip! . . Using framing and other composition tricks and tips can help add impact to your images as well as clarify the subject of your photo! You can use architectural elements like arches and doorways or vegetation (tree brances are great for this) or pretty much anything to create a frame around your subject. #photomagic #photographytricks #photographytips #photography101 #photographytiktok

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