Today, I’m going to post a little nerdy ‘quick tip’ for your aperture settings when you’re taking group portraits. Have you ever gone back to look at your photos after a session and one person’s face in a group shot is out of focus?

I hate when that happens!

When I was young and stupid and knew absolutely nothing about photography I ran into that problem a lot. Because:

A. I didn’t have any lighting equipment so I was shooting wide open A LOT!

B. I didn’t really understand the relationship between depth of field and aperture.

How to Configure Your Aperture Setting for Group Photos Quickly

So, you’re on the go and trying to get a bunch of group shots at an event and the number of people in each group is constantly changing. How do you keep it straight?

aperture settings group photos quick tips

Well, a good rule of thumb is to set your aperture to one stop higher than the number of people in the group.

Two people and you want both faces in focus? f/2.8

Five people? f/5.6

Seven people? f/8

Is this an absolute rule? No, absolutely not! But you will be more likely to make mistakes. That is unless you’re trying to be very artsy.

Or if you’re checking make sure everyone’s face is in focus after each shot. But you don’t always have time to do that!

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