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Nerdy Photographer Podcast

One of the top photography podcasts around, The Nerdy Photographer Podcast brings together a diverse group of guests to talk on a wide array of topics of importance to photographers, from how to run your business to the impact of AI to ‘Why are there so many Hallmark Movies about photographers?’

Resources for Photographers

Everyone can use a helping hand and I want to make things easier for my fellow photographers. Here you can find my suggestions for resources that can save you time and money running your photography business from website hosting and design to image hosting to CRM software to help manage your photography studio

Photography Tips & Techniques

We all want to be better photographers, right? Here you will find my archive of articles designed to help strengthen your photography fundamentals and learn new tips and techniques that can help you achieve your photographic vision


Stay up-to-date with photography industry news and upcoming podcast episodes. You will also receive discounts and special offers on Nerdy Photographer products, including contract templates, as well as services and from our sponsors.