Event Details Information Sheet


Have all of the important information for the wedding or event you are photographing at your fingertips with this convenient details information sheet.


Have you ever arrived at a wedding or event and realized you didn’t have all of the information you needed in one place? Portrait lists, basic timeline, contact information…

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive with all of that information on one easy to find piece of paper instead of having to scroll through countless emails on your phone? Even if you have a questionnaire filled out by your clients, it will probably have a lot of information you don’t need at your fingertips the day of the event.

I created this information sheet so that I’d have something simple I could put in my bag or in my pocket to go to at events. My portrait lists, client contact information, planner/coordinator contact information, etc.

You can even print out a copy for your second shooter so they’re literally on the same page!

Includes .PDF format file, Word .DOC file, and Open Office .ODT file (which can be imported into Google Docs)


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