Wedding Photography E-mail Templates


Wedding photography e-mail templates that will improve your workflow and free up your time for more important tasks!


How much is your time worth? Do you find yourself writing the same emails over and over? I used to find that whenever someone sent me an inquiry, or before/after every portrait session, and before/after every wedding or event – I was writing pretty much the same emails. Hundreds of times. I did it for years!!!

Then, I started saving copies of emails that I regularly used at different points in my workflow so that I could drop them into a new email whenever I needed them and customize them to the particular client or project. It was crazy how much time I was wasting writing those emails! Think about it, if you spend a couple hours each week typing out the same emails, you are saving yourself 100+ hours a year by using and customizing a template. That’s TWO AND A HALF WORK WEEKS you save! That’s basically a vacation!

These email templates will more than pay for themselves in the first few weeks of using them. I’ve included 14 of my most commonly used templates here. Paired with our wedding workflow resources, these will help ensure a quality customer experience while saving you loads of time.

Includes .PDF format file, Word .DOC file, and Open Office .ODT file (which can be imported into Google Docs)


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