Client Experience Survey


Find out how your clients really felt about working with you, why they chose you, and where you can improve your photography business with this client experience survey.


What can your clients teach you about your business? Everything you need to know about getting more clients just like them! They will do a big chunk of your market research for you.

For years, I received glowing five star reviews from my clients. Everything is great, right? Well, there were areas where I could have improved. For one, how I marketed myself to new potential clients.

With this survey, you will learn what your clients liked about working with you, why they chose you in the first place, and what their client experience was like every step of the process. You can learn where you can improve, what sets you apart from the crowd, and how to direct your future advertising, marketing, and branding.

Includes .PDF format file, Word .DOC file, and Open Office .ODT file (which can be imported into Google Docs) which can easily be copied into most survey websites and programs, or you can use it the way it is right out of the gate!


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