Hey photographers, we want to hear from you! Yes, you! We want to hear your photography stories for The Nerdy Photographer Podcast.

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The photography industry is an incredible and varied place to work, from high end commercial shoots to family portraits to fashion runways to wedding receptions. There is A LOT to talk about!

Photography can also be a very isolated profession. We don’t spend a lot of time hanging out with other photographers very often.

When we do, we usually exchange stories. We celebrate and commiserate. With the pandemic making it even more difficult for us to get together with fellow photographers, The Nerdy Photographer wants to make it easier for us to all share stories with one another!

Let’s share our stories and keep each other company even though we have to keep our distance.

So, what’s your photography story?

You know, the story you tell when you meet another photographer or when you’re sitting around with your photographer friends…

Did you have an incredible lucky break? How did it happen?

An amazing shoot that you worked on that was totally out of this world?

Have you witnessed or experienced something terrible that others should know about?

Did you get to take an amazing trip in conjunction with an assignment?

Maybe you had a client so terrible they made you want to quit being a photographer?

Have you ever met one of your personal heroes while working? What was it like?

Disastrous shoots, amazing saves, awful assistants, chance meetings – it’s all fair game for The Nerdy Photographer Podcast.

Tell us your photography stories!

We’d love to hear your story (in as much detail as possible) and share it with other photographers.

As photographers, we spend a lot of our time alone, insulated from the rest of the world.

So let’s share our stories and commiserate and laugh and learn from one another’s experiences.

Use the form below to share your story. You can also email us at podcast@nerdyphotographer.com or leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram or hit us up on Twitter!


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