So you’re coming through photography podcast reviews looking for something new to listen to? Reviews are so helpful for a podcaster. They help increase rankings in various podcast directories, and also tell potential listeners what they are in store for when they listen! I put a lot of work into the Nerdy Photographer Podcast. So, it is especially rewarding when I get feedback, either in the form of reviews or comments. It helps me make sure that this little photography podcast is entertaining and informing you.

Insightful and interesting

Love this podcast! … Bonus points for the animated episodes, which are a lot of fun and are have tons of Easter egg-like references that go straight to my geeky heart.

Absolute Brilliance
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Of course, feedback doesn’t always come in the form of reviews written on podcast sites…

Take a listen!

Fun podcast that delivers on the content. Casey takes you on an easy going conversation that’s informative & engaging!

Ocho Duro Parlay Hour

Fantastic Content!

[Casey] made me feel like even I could produce quality photos with his tips, tricks, and suggestions


…absolutely wonderful Information that could easily cost thousands of dollars to find out!

Ms. Sumida


I have fallen in love with this podcast and now can’t go without it. I started at the very beginning and although my experience with photography is non existent and basically just how i can use my iPhone for better pictures, our hero of nerdyness and photo genius gives great advice. The humor and attitude of this amazing podcast kept me listening even though I don’t own a camera. And then this podcast went in a whole bunch of different directions. Every week I never know what to expect and the whole radio play podcast he is putting out right now are fun, nostalgic and so well done. Think Dr. Who meets Indiana Jones meets old time radio. I love this podcast more than any podcast I have heard in years. This podcast is one not to miss!


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