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Nerd Quests: X-Men

When I first started collecting comic books as a kid, the X-Men were at the center of my efforts. While I enjoyed other titles and characters (I make no bones about my love of Green Lantern), I always stayed in touch with the Professor Xavier’s mutants and their adventures.

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The themes of being an outsider, accepting those who are different from you, battling your inner demons (sometimes literally) combined with some of the most compelling story lines in comic books kept me invested in these stories and for over a decade I religiously gathered the issues each month. I also scoured comic book stores and shops for back issues and still have a nearly 200 issue straight run of the Uncanny X-Men series, as well as numerous other X-adjacent titles.

For this episode of Nerd Quests, I sat down with Mike and Jessika from the Ten Cent Takes podcast to discuss the stories, themes, and the artists behind this long run of comics and why they have such an effect on me.

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