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Episode 054 – Posing Principles for People Photographers

Photographer who take pictures of people often get caught up in the game of finding the best poses to use. While it is important to know why poses can be helpful and how they can improve photos, there are drawbacks. Not every pose works for every person or couple you are going to photograph. That’s why I suggest that you commit these posing principles for people photographers to memory!

posing principles for people photography micro podcast episode

These posing principles will help you identify how to make a photo better whether you are using poses or prompting your subjects. Furthermore, we need to be honest that certain poses do not work for some body types.

And that is across the board. A pose that works for one body type might look awful for another, and vice versa. In this “nerdlet” micro-episode, I will explain several key posing principles that will allow you to ditch your silly old posing guide and get more genuine interaction from your subjects.

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