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Episode 41 – Representation in Stock Photography

When people are looking for stock photos, they are not just looking for quality photos. They also want to see subjects that are representative of their clients or the story they are trying to tell. This is why representation in stock photography is highly important to both photographers and the industry!

In this episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast, I sit down with Michae Allen from UmbrellaStock to discuss the serious lack of people of color in stock images.

And the lack of representation does not stop there! Also, there’s more to stock imagery than just photos. It’s visual art of all types.

Michae and I also discuss how to get involved in the stock photography industry and common mistakes many photographers make when they try to capture stock images.

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About UmbrellaStock

representation in stock photography provides lifestyle imagery of Black people that is oftentimes difficult to find. The aim of UmbrellaStock is to shape the narrative of Black life from our perspective.

If you are interested in submitting images to UmbrellaStock, click here.

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