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Episode 37 – Race, Bias, and the Photo Industry

It is long overdue for the photo industry to have a conversation about race and bias. The implosion of various photography groups and the ‘fall from grace’ by some ‘rock star’ photographers have shown us that there are a lot of problems just below the surface of our industry.

Some of them aren’t even below the surface.

How do we raise awareness of these issues of race and bias and work towards correcting them?

We need to have open and frank discussions. There are many people who sit in a position of privilege in the photo industry, or society as a whole, and don’t understand their privilege.

We all have biases. Some are implicit, and others are explicit. We need to recognize them. And we need to listen to the experiences of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ photographers as to how these biases effect them!

I’m not claiming to be the right person to lead these types of discussions. I just can’t sit back and do nothing.

I hope that this talk with my friend, Leighton DaCosta, is the first of many. If you’re a a BIPOC, female, or LGBTQ+ (or any combination thereof) photographer and would like to discuss bias in the photo industry, you’re more than welcome to come on the podcast.

But that’s not all we have to talk about!! If you have ideas or there’s another topic you’d like to discuss, let me know! Contact me and let’s set up a recording session.

For now, here is my discussion about race, bias, and the photo industry with Leighton DaCosta…

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About Leighton DaCosta

Leighton DaCosta

Leighton DaCosta, or “LD” as many know him by, started his photography business 15 years ago while serving in the Navy. He’s conducted photo assignments in exotic and remote places such as Dubai, Jamaica, and Aruba; as well as several years flying over Afghanistan.

When not creating content of his own, Leighton diligently works at educating photographers and others in the industry in not only content creation but also in business practices geared for the creative.

You can check out Leighton’s website at, and follow along with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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