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Episode 35 – The Observer

Guess who’s back…back again? It’s the Nerdy Photo Crew and this time they’re one step closer to finding The Camera Obscura!!!

[cue dramatic music]

They travel to a desolate planet to find the one being in the entire Universe who literally sees everything and can tell them where to look – THE OBSERVER!

But will The Observer tell them where to find this powerful relic? Or will he taunt them with tales of what might happen if something else happened earlier on…

Yes, that’s a confusing sentence, but it’s a difficult concept to convey.

What will happen to our heroes? Tune in to find out.

You can also watch the special animated edition on YouTube!

What did you think of this comic book adventure?

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Episode Credits:

Many thanks to all of the people who made this episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast happen:

Fritz Swanson – The Observer

Fritz Swanson is a writer. He can be found at, and on Instagram @fritzswanson. He teaches at the University of Michigan, and is the founder of

Among other hobbies, he collects low grade Marvel Age books. If you have a sub-100 issue of Fantastic Four that a kid drew on, he’s interested in talking to you.

Fred Zorn – Gulden Hauer the Snug & Character Illustrator

Besides giving great “snugs” and drawing the amazing characters for these adventure episodes, Fred is an expert dog trainer – he offers virtual dog training sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, so give him a shout if you need some help with your pooch!

Jen Clarke – RULA-3RDS

Jen Clarke is a very, very funny lady. Besides voicing RULA on the podcast, she also lends her considerable talents to numerous characters in our commercial spots.

Jen is a regular performer at Go Comedy! Improv Theater (click here to view their YouTube channel) in Ferndale, Michigan. She performs with such groups as Cougar Den, SNAFU, J/K, and Magna Carta.

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