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Episode 31 – Adventure Elopement Photographer Rob Dight

I’ve been following ‘adventure elopement’ photographer Rob Dight on Instagram for a couple of years now.

adventure elopement photographer rob dight

I know what you’re thinking…this is terrible! Why are you having this guy on the podcast? *cue laughing* Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Rob’s work always strikes me for not only having absolutely gorgeous locations but for the moody tones and the very palpable love between his subjects.

adventure elopement photographer rob dight

We have been talking about recording an episode for the last few months and we were finally able to work it into our schedules because of the pandemic.

adventure elopement photographer rob dight

Rob and I discuss how he got started in photography, why he choose to focus on elopements, what it means to be an ‘adventure elopement’ photographer, some of his favorite locations in Ireland and Scotland, and where he’d love to photograph!

Click here to listen on your phone or stream the episode below:

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About Rob Dight

Rob Dight adventure elopement photographer Northern Ireland

“I’m an elopement & small wedding photographer based in Northern Ireland. I help couples traveling to Ireland have an incredible experience when they elope & get epic photos in the process. I also love helping photographers grow successful businesses where they get to follow their passion & make great money in the process.”

You can view Rob’s website at, or check out his Instagram profile.

If you’re interested in learning photography from Rob, check out his Heart & Soul Photography Education group on Facebook.

Who else do you want to hear from on the podcast?

Rob was someone I had wanted to have on the podcast from the beginning, but who do YOU want to hear from? I’m happy to reach out to people in the photography industry and see if we can get them to be on an episode. But I want to know who you would like have on as a guest. Leave a comment and tell me or let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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