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Episode 30 – Hugh-NiVersus and the Blue Boogey Boarder

It’s that time again, time for another comic book adventure of the #NERDYPHOTOCREW!

This time out we come across an ancient cosmic entity with some body image issues, as well as his herald…or harbinger…or whatever…

The Nerdy Photographer uses his own powers to make those issues go away! How, you ask? You will have to tune in to find out!!

Or you can just listen to the audio below:

What did you think of this comic book adventure?

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Episode Credits:

Tony Wolf – Hugh-NiVersus

Tony Wolf comic book adventure

Tony Wolf is an actor, singer, and writer / illustrator based in New York City. Tony has worked in theater and film/TV for over 20 years.

He has also written & illustrated 4 comics journalism pieces for The New York Times, and his autobio comics have received coverage in New York Magazine and the UK site New Statesman.

Tony also provided live voice-over introductions for Robert De Niro’s lifetime achievement award at the Friars Club / Waldorf-Astoria with many celebrity guests, including Larry King, Sting, Kenan Thompson, Edward Norton, and the late Aretha Franklin.

He has performed in videos for Funny Or Die & College Humor and worked with many UCB actors.

You can view his website at, or check out his IMDB page. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Dan Gerics – Hare-Eld, the Blue Boogey Boarder

Dan Gerics comic book adventure

Dan Gerics is a Flint area musician, actor, and educator. He has directed, acted in and composed/arranged music for productions in Flint and southern Michigan (as well as once upon a time in New York City). He teaches drama at Mott Community College and fronts Serious Moonlight-Bowie Tribute in the roll of David Bowie. He lives in Flint with his wife, daughter, cat, and dog.

You can follow Dan on TikTok as well as the Serious Moonlight account.

Head over to Dan’s website to learn more about him – as well as see the schedule of his virtual living room concerts that he’s putting together during the pandemic. Or go like the Serious Moonlight page on Facebook!

Jen Clarke – RULA-3RDS

Jen has been incredibly funny for as long as I have known her, and our friendship is old enough to drink at this point. Besides voicing RULA on the podcast, she also lends her considerable talents to numerous characters in our commercial spots.

Jen is a regular performer at Go Comedy! Improv Theater (click here to view their YouTube channel) in Ferndale, Michigan. She performs with such groups as Cougar Den, SNAFU, J/K, and Magna Carta. You can watch her latest video with Decent Exposure, a tribute to The Princess Bride, below:

If you can, click through and give it a like on YouTube.

Fred Zorn – Gulden Hauer the Snug & Character Illustrator

Besides giving great “snugs” and drawing the amazing characters for these adventure episodes, Fred is an expert dog trainer – he offers virtual dog training sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, so give him a shout if you need some help with your pooch!

Fred also hosts an internet radio show on Bone Pool Radio focused on acoustic music called The Dog’s Ear, the creator of a series of really great stop-motion animated dog training videos on YouTube called Pipe Cleaner Pups. PSSSST! He made all that stuff in the videos by hand!!

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