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Episode 29 – Weird Things Clients Ask Part 2

A few weeks ago on the podcast, my friend, Anthony Collins, and I discussed some weird things clients ask. Well, this week, I am back with more of ‘weird client questions’ as submitted on Reddit!

I sit down to discuss these strange client interactions with my friend, Fred Zorn.

We talk about some downright odd moments to stories which are firmly planted in urban legend.

Sit back, relax, and give the latest episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast a listen…

WARNING: There is some ‘coarse language’ throughout the episode!

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About Our Guest, Fred Zorn

Podcast Guest Fred Zorn

Fred Zorn is a man of MANY hats…how many?

Well, he is an expert dog trainer – he is offering virtual dog training sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, including free sessions for adopted/rescue dogs.

He is also the host of an internet radio show on Bone Pool Radio focused on acoustic music called The Dog’s Ear, the creator of a series of really great stop-motion animated dog training videos on YouTube called Pipe Cleaner Pups, as well as a very crafty guy. If you need evidence, he made all of the props for these videos by hand!

He ALSO created the AMAZING character drawings for The Nerdy Photographer Podcast and voices Gulden Hauer the Snug Warrior. So, he’s well acquainted with the show…

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