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Episode 28 – LEGO Photo Shoot Q&A

Remember the LEGO wedding and honeymoon photo shoots that we shared recently on the blog? Well, we sat down to talk with the LEGO photo shoot photographer himself, Chris Wallace.

Have you wondered how he came up with the ideas for these incredible photos?

How does he manage to bring his concepts to life after he thinks them up?

Did he come up with the storylines that accompany the shoots before or after he finished with the pictures?

Exactly how many shots total did Chris take for the 30 or so images we see in each shoot when they’re published?

Chris told us about what inspired him to create the shoots, his process for coming up with the different shots, and, most importantly, how his wife feels about this new found addiction for LEGOs.

Find out all of this and more when you listen to this week’s episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast!

What do you think of these amazing LEGO photo shoot ideas?

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About Our Guest, Chris Wallace

Chris is the owner and lead photographer of Carpe Diem Photography, which he started back in 2009.

lego photo shoot photographer chris wallace

In that 11 year time period, he has photographed over 700 weddings in all corners of the United Kingdom. He is also the proud recipient of some of local, national and international wedding photography awards.

His recent LEGO wedding and honeymoon photo shoots have been shared thousands of times and have been featured on such websites as Bored Panda as well as by numerous news organizations.

You can view more of Wallace’s wedding work on his website or you can check out his new Instagram account dedicated solely to LEGO photo shoots.

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