So, have you ever had a client ask you something that makes you wonder if they’re from this planet. Well, in this episode of the Nerdy Photographer Podcast, I share stories about the weird things clients ask us to do with photographer, and friend of the show, Anthony Collins.

Anthony and I discuss the stories that you, the listeners, as well as photographers on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit submitted for discussion.

There were so many of these stories that I am going to be breaking them up into two episodes. And I swear all of us have to wonder at times if some of our clients are actually aliens in disguise…

There are plenty of instances where clients act like they know more about photography equipment than the photographer does.

But there are also some just downright strange behaviors…

You’ll have to listen to the episode yourself.

Caution: There are a few swear words here and there, just letting you know.

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About Our Guest, Anthony Collins

Anthony Collins flexing his guns...

“I am a New York City-based photographer and I specialize in editorial and assignment photography, shooting nationally and internationally for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, and design firms of all sizes.

In my twenty years of experience I have traveled with my camera to more than forty countries—from the Arctic Circle to the Great Barrier Reef.

If you need a photographer to hang out of a helicopter or hang in a boardroom, I’m the one you want!”

Learn more about Anthony and see his work at

You can also check out his series of photos about birds of prey on Instagram – click here!

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