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Episode 21 – The Recession and Your Business

Update as of 6/22/22: Though the COVID-19 pandemic is, in many ways, no longer effecting the photography community in the same way, there are other concerns about how a future recession might effect your photography business.

Okay, so at this point you’re probably shitting yourself about what’s going on with the coronavirus and pretty much the whole world being shut down right now.

What the hell is going to happen your photo/video business? There is a lot for you to consider, from where and how you spend your money, what expenses to cut back on and which you should be investing more money in, and how to diversify your revenue streams.

Listen to our latest episode of the Nerdy Photographer Podcast and find out!

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I hope you use these tips to strengthen your photography or video business during these extremely tough financial times. If you do, you will come out the other end stronger!

Do you have any questions about how the recession and running a photography business?

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