Hey everybody! So, now that you’ve spent your first week in the United States really dealing with the coronavirus, how do you all feel? I can tell you one thing, the photography industry is screeeeeeeeeeeeewed.

So, I put together a new podcast episode discussing the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak’s effects on the industry so far, from camera manufacturers to the freelance photographer on the street.

Give it a listen, I will be putting out episodes again regularly now. I had already recorded several, and then all of this exploded last week. The next few episodes are going to deal with ramifications, what you can do to prepare your business financially, and PRODUCTIVE things you can be doing to help your business when this is all over with!

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I mean, seriously, we’re so f***ed!! Not good. Really not good. The photography industry (and many others) are going to be completely different when this is all over.

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