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088 – The Content Creation Conundrum: How Photographers Balance Artistry and Promotion

When did photographers become “content creators” as well? Well maybe we have always been content creators in that we create images. But I am talking about photographers as content creators in the sense of having to put together behind the scenes videos or funny reels or TikToks just to get noticed online these days.

How will photographers keep up? Well, as always, it’s a matter of either you adapt or you die…in the sense that you don’t get noticed at all. But worry not! The Nerdy Photographer Podcast is here to save the day with ideas on how you can be a photographer AND a content creator and use this change in social media and how content is discovered to your advantage!

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How Do You Feel About Photographers Also Needing To Be Content Creators?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the need to be constantly creating new content? Wondering how to adapt to this strange new world where social media platforms won’t let people see your still images? Feel insecure or self conscious and unsure how you are going to put yourself out there just to stay relevant?

Tell us your thoughts on social media – you can find The Nerdy Photographer on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit or in our Nerdy Photographer Facebook Group.

About My Guest

Jared Poirier is a Lifestyle & Real Estate Photographer based in Toronto, Canada. On his weekly podcast Photography Friends, he and his special guests provide tips & stories from their photography careers.

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