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085 – Picture Your Brand: The Importance of Brand Strategy for Photographers

It can be very difficult for photographers, and other creatives, to think in “business mode” because we are used to thinking creatively. So, when it comes to things like creating a brand strategy that aligns your attributes with those of your ideal clients, we can find ourselves spinning our wheels a bit.

brand strategy for photographers

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with transformational brand strategist, creative director, and marketing expert Beth Taubner about looking within ourselves to explore how we, and our clients, relate to our business.

This exploration leads to better marketing and communication, and it can even open up new avenues of revenue when you discover how your business attributes may be useful in other fields.

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About My Guest

Founder of Mercurylab, Beth Taubner has been a Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director working with strategy and creative communications for over 20 years. Beth has developed a proprietary approach to branding using a combination of psychological, visual and analytic processes. Beth has developed a profound emotional branding process enabling clients to come to market with a focused blueprint for success, rooted in authenticity, consciousness and real-world success.

She has extensive experience working with creatives who seek to move across “borders,” markets and categories, developing brand meaning, language, creative direction, expansion and marketing with top artists and representatives in the US, UK and Europe.

Her clients have ranged from well-known American brands such as Stop & Shop supermarkets and Miramax Films to UK-based The Well-Fed Cuckoo, The Currant Cafe and Début Art, luxury brands including chic international production company Creative Blood and ROAR AFRICA, the top luxury safari company in Africa; retailers such as Sears Product Repair and online high-end fashion powerhouse Moda Operandi and Condé Nast Publications.

Beth develops branding programs for esteemed artist representatives in the US and UK, and works closely on brand identification, language communications, creative direction, visual development, business expansion, and marketing with some of the top photographers in the world. She is a sought-after presenter and podcast guest who speaks regularly at shows and conferences throughout the US, UK and Europe, offering deep insight and practical tools on dynamic brand evolution and marketing across a variety of sectors.

Beth offers one-on-one consulting and coaching, and business consulting on strategic brand and creative development, communications, content creation, marketing and implementation worldwide.

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