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081 – The Magic of Miniature: Discovering the Creative Potential of Toy Photography

Toy photography is something that has always fascinated me. I mean this is the NERDY PHOTOGRAPHER after all. When I was younger, I collected all sorts of action figures, and, whenever I see a toy photographer’s work, I always peruse their portfolio to see what types of figures they work with.

Are they Marvel or DC fans? Star Wars or GI Joe? A mash up of everything?

Our guest for this episode of the podcast, Anthony Mattea, started out as a wildlife photographer but got into toy photography during the pandemic. I too had aspirations of doing some toy photography in lockdown. Alas, that plan did not come to fruition.

doc brown and raptors toy action figure photography by photographer Anthony Mattea

Upon first inspecting Anthony’s portfolio, I was immediately taken by his photos of some of my favorite comic book heroes, specifically Green Lantern and the X-Men. The photos have great implications of movement and energy!

hulk marvel action figure toy photography by photographer anthony mattea

Interested in getting into toy photography yourself? Listen to the episode and let Anthony give you some pointers!

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What did you think of my interview with toy photographer Anthony Mattea? Are you going to try some toy photography of your own? Or just enjoy looking at the work of others who photograph action figures?

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About My Guest

My name is Anthony Mattea. I live in the California bay area. I have always loved photography but 4 years ago I decided to pursue it on a more professional basis. I started out with wildlife photography and then lockdown happened. My love for comics and movies naturally led me to toy photography. It’s opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

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