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Episode 071 – Photoshop & Image Manipulation

Are you back for more of the most fun photography podcast ever? Or at least the only one with science fiction comic book adventures wrapped into the episodes? Good. In this episode of the Nerdy Photographer Podcast, we ask some tough questions. Has our ability to use Photoshop and other software for image manipulation become so accessible that it is a danger to our society?

With image editing software able to realistically remove/change backgrounds with the click of a button as well as dramatically alter the features of subjects using a few sliders, the line between photography and digital art is getting more and more blurry…so lay off that blur tool!

My guest for this episode is Andrew Kavanagh, founder of some of the largest Photoshop, photography, and digital art groups on Facebook – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of members. We discuss advances in image editing software, how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the photo editing game, and where we see the field going in the future.

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About My Guest

photoshop and image editing/manipulation expert Andrew Kavanagh

Click here for Andrew’s website.

Andrew Kavanagh is a digital artist, Photoshop and Lightroom tutor, as well as doing Photo Compositing and Photo Retouching in Los Angeles, California.

He’s also the creator of several Facebook groups which seek to help digital artists learn and grow their skills:

You can also find Andrew on Instagram and Facebook.

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