Long exposure photography can come into play in many different areas of photography – landscapes, portraits, light painting, weddings, and many more. So, in this micro episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast, I am covering three long exposure photography tips that can help you capture better exposures!

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long exposure photography tips

Long Exposure Photography Resources

Here are links to the items I discuss in the episode:

Tripod Recommendations:

Good tripod/monopod combo from Neewer for around $70 or you can go with a more heavy duty model from Manfrotto for $300.

Remote Triggers:

I use CamRanger as my remote camera trigger, but you can get similar triggers from Case Air, Pluto, and Arsenal.

Neutral Density Filter

I would recommend starting with a variable ND filter. The one in this link ranges from 1 to 22 stops of darkness.

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