Is it possible to mash-up a Nerdy Photo Crew adventure with Dr. Who, Dr. Strange, and Abbott & Costello? You will have to tune in to this episode pf the Nerdy Photographer Podcast to find out as the Nerdy Photographer finds himself feeling a bit blah about everything in our new Dr. Who parody podcast adventure, Dr. What vs. the Mehleks!

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Episode Cast

Dr. What – Brent Weldon Reno

For the past ten years, Brent has resided in New York where he has taught music, dance, and art to pre-Kindergarten students, as well as worked as a consultant for a major music theater licensing and publishing company.

Brent is actively involved in the NYC arts scene and has been a soloist and emcee for several orchestras and choirs. He is also the co-founder / producer of the vaudevillian troupe Fein & Dandee with his partner in crime, Mr. Seth Bedford.

Dr. Weyird – Steven Van Elk

Dr Willem Weyird was played by Steven Van Elk. Steven is a wedding photographer and the co-host of the Wedding Photography Hangover Podcast which you can find on Instagram @weddingphotohangover

RULA-3RDS – Jen Clarke

Jen is comedy performer from Michigan where she has appeared as a stand-up comedian as well as an improv performer. She’s a seriously funny lady and, if you happen to need a funny female for your podcast, Jen would love to contribute – so, reach out to me on social media and I will connect you with her.

Gulden Hauer / Character Drawings – Fred Zorn

Besides lending his considerable artistic skills to this podcast, Fred is an expert dog trainer and you can find him on Instagram @fredzorndogtraining or you can check out his series of YouTube dog training videos, Pipe Cleaner Pups!

The Mehleks – Agent Scott, Matt, and Ali

The universe nullifying Mehleks were voiced by Agent Scott from the SpyHards Podcast, Matt from the Hops Geek News Podcast, and Ali from the Tabooze Podcast. Many thanks to them!

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