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Episode 055 – Emotional Value of Photos

Sometimes, as photographers, we can get wrapped up in the technical aspects of photography and forget that our clients have their own relationship with our photos devoid of the technical stuff. We sometimes fail to consider the emotional value of photos we take.

emotional value of photos podcast episode

In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with returning guest Erica Leman to dive into these emotional aspects of photography. How we as photographers view our photos versus how our client and potential clients might view them.

How does a photo effect you emotionally? Tune in to hear our discussion!

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About Our Guest

erica leman sweet alice photography

Erica Leman of Sweet Alice Photography is a wedding photographer and photography business coach located in the Hudson Valley of New York (Yes, her name is Erica, not Alice – Alice is her cat). When she’s not spending time photographing weddings and teaching others how to run a profitable wedding photography business of their own, she’s likely cuddling with her pets (two dogs and two cats), hiking with her husband, or doing a puzzle.

You can also find Erica on Facebook and Instagram.

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