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Episode 053 – Picture Perfect Lies: Exploring Common Myths in Photography Pt. 2

Are you ready for more photo industry myths and tropes? Editorial photographer and photography YouTuber extraordinaire Rob Hall has returned to the podcast to share his takes on these issues.

photo industry myths and tropes podcast episode with rob hall part 2

This podcast episode is packed full of photo industry tropes and myths such as:

  • Can you succeed in photography on talent alone?
  • Photography is a glamorous job
  • Guru culture
  • You should avoid taking pictures when the light is bad outdoors
  • And much more!
photographer rob hall smashes a strobe and photo industry myths in this podcast episode

It’s fitting that Rob looks a little like Thor slamming Mjolnir to the ground in this picture because we are SMASHING some photo industry myths!

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I would love to hear what you think of this episode of the podcast. Here are some ways you can reach out and tell me what you thought. Rob was a great guest and I would love to have him back if there’s interest. So please be sure to make your voice heard.

About the Guest – Rob Hall

photographer Rob Hall discussing photo industry myths and tropes on the nerdy photographer podcast

Robert Hall is an editorial photographer in southeast Michigan. He shares informative photography and lighting content as a video creator, podcaster, and writer. His greatest achievement in life is securing the same handle on all social media platforms.

You can find Rob on YouTube, Instagram, or over on his podcast, High ISO.

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