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Episode 052 – Tips & Tactics for Tack Sharp Photos

Welcome to our first official “nerdlet” episode! In these short micro podcast episodes, I will be discussing quick technical tips to help improve your photography. And, for the first edition, I am going to talk about some tips and tactics for tack sharp photos.

Try saying that ten times fast! I dare you. If you can do it, share it and tag me on Instagram or Twitter @thenerdyphoto.

tips and tactics for tack sharp photos podcast episode

What is the obsession with getting sharp photos? Photographers want their subject to be in focus, at least most of the time. Also, it may seem like a simple premise but even experienced photographers can struggle to get sharp photos.

Furthermore, photographers will go to great lengths discussing how ‘sharp’ a lens is, but there are other ways to ensure you get a sharp photo.

Listen in to this micro episode and find out!

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