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Episode 051 – Picture Perfect Lies: Exploring Common Myths in Photography Part 1

In this episode of the podcast, I dig into popular photography industry myths and tropes with editorial photographer and YouTuber, Rob Hall.

photography industry myths and tropes

You may be wondering what I mean by ‘photography industry myths and tropes’. Well, I mean things like “you need expensive gear to be a professional photographer”.

Or “getting published or winning awards” means you’re a successful photographer. Another popular trope is that you have to suffer to be successful in the photo industry.

Tune in to find out what Rob and I think of all these subjects, as well as Rob’s unexpected reaction the “Useless Information” portion of the program. There are literally so many of these topics that we had to split it up into TWO episodes – and they’re LONG episodes!

Did you enjoy this episode? Want more?

Be sure to come back in a couple weeks for Part 2 where Rob and I dig into even more photography industry myths and tropes on another episode of the podcast.

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About the Guest – Rob Hall

photographer Rob Hall discussing photography industry myths and tropes on the nerdy photographer podcast

Robert Hall is an editorial photographer in southeast Michigan. He shares informative photography and lighting content as a video creator, podcaster, and writer. His greatest achievement in life is securing the same handle on all social media platforms.

You can find Rob on YouTube, Instagram, or over on his podcast, High ISO.

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