If you have ever read an article and seen a quote by someone and wondered, “How did they get quoted in this article?” or asked the question, “How do I get my business featured in the news?” Well, get ready for a masterclass in securing media coverage in our latest podcast episode.

securing media coverage

What does it mean to secure media coverage? Well that’s when you get yourself quoted or featured by a media outlet, whether it’s print, broadcast, or online.

Why is Securing Media Coverage Important?

Being quoted or featured in an article is not only free (if you didn’t pay for it) marketing for your business, but it also adds instant credibility.

If you find yourself in an article in the NY Times, your business profile is bound to skyrocket.

So How do You Get Featured?

The techniques discussed in this episode are the same whether you are trying to get featured in a magazine, on a blog, or by a local television program.

how to go about securing media coverage for your business

So, are you ready to start learning about how to get your photography business featured in stories? Or any type of business, for that matter. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what kind of business your run, the tips we are discussing in this episode will work regardless of what field you are in.

Without further adieu…

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About Our Guest

Caroline Fatchett is a public relations/media relations expert with over 15 years of experience placing articles in top tier publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, and Bloomberg, as well as numerous trade publications.

She knows her stuff.

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