How does grieving effect the creative process? Trying to find the energy to be creative while you are experiencing grief can be a harrowing process but grief and creativity go hand in hand.

When my parents died, I felt not only a lack of motivation, but just an absence of creativity. There was a void.

grief and creativity podcast episode

And, for someone who communicates to the world through my creativity, that was a troubling feeling. I set out to talk with other creative minded professionals to see if they had any thoughts on the grieving process and how it effected their creativity.

I was lucky enough to come across many wonderful people who shared not only their stories with me, but their advice and their sympathy.

Given the sheer number of people who responded to my outreach, I knew this was a topic that needed to be discussed further. So, I asked a couple of the photographers who had shared their stories with me to come on the podcast.

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Grief is Not Only Due to The Loss of a Loved One

While our discussion of grief and creativity in this episode focused primarily on losing a loved one, this is not the only form of loss that can effect your creative energy.

Grief can be much more ambiguous. You could be grieving the loss of a relationship (romantic or otherwise), a job, a home, or any number of other types of loss.

The key is to give yourself the time and space to work through your grief at your own pace. There’s no set timeline that works for everyone.

Our Guests

Erica Leman

Erica Leman - Photographer

Erica Leman of Sweet Alice Photography is a wedding photographer and photography business coach located in the Hudson Valley of New York (Yes, her name is Erica, not Alice – Alice is her cat). When she’s not spending time photographing weddings and teaching others how to run a profitable wedding photography business of their own, she’s likely cuddling with her pets (two dogs and two cats), hiking with her husband, or doing a puzzle.

You can also find Erica on Facebook and Instagram.

Lindsey Turner

Lindsey Turner photographer

Lindsey Turner is the owner of Lindsey Victoria Photography based in Litchfield County, Connecticut.  She specializes in lifestyle newborn and family photography and branding photography for small businesses and professionals.  Her superpower is putting people at ease and cultivating connection.  Lindsey studied classical voice in college, released a jazz album in her early 20s, and spent 15+ years behind the scenes for NY and CT Arts Nonprofits in Development and PR & Marketing.  She now serves families and professionals through her photography in Litchfield County, Connecticut and NYC. She is an active volunteer in her community and loves helping others thrive.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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