Have you ever received really bad photography advice? I find that anyone who says that you ALWAYS have to do X or that you should NEVER do Y are usually wrong…except when it comes to taking off your lens cap before a shoot.

You should never do that. Not if you want to make sure you get lots of details in your shadows…

I reached out to you, our listeners, as well as folks on Reddit to submit the absolute worst advice you have received. Anthony and I discuss the bad advice, as well as a few other topics that pop up.

Recorded back in the halcyon days of the early pandemic, I give you episode 44 of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast:

Do You Work at Adobe? Do You Remember This Project?

Anthony and I discussed the #MovingStill Project – does anybody know what happened with this. Here’s the video I talked about in the episode from Adobe Max 2018:

This is over two years ago! Certainly something must have come of this since then? Or did they simply abandon the project. I want to know because I think this is friggin’ awesome!

Ever Received Some Bad Photography Advice?

Have you received bad photography advice? I would love to hear what it was. Reach out via DM or comment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tell me what it was. Perhaps we will feature it on a future episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast.

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