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Black Friday Buyer Beware

Every photographer knows that Black Friday / Cyber Monday is the time when they will be bombarded with deals and discounts on gear and services. But does the ‘savings’ really live up to the hype?

black friday cyber monday deals for photographers advice gear

I reached out to some of my friends in the photography world, as well as to you, the listeners, and Reddit for feedback on what are the worst things to spend money on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While the answers varied, one common theme sprung up that ran throughout. What advice was that? Well, you will have to listen and find out.

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Thanks to My Contributors

Special thanks to Steven Van Elk from the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast, Melissa Johnstone from Filters Removed and Another Photographer Podcast, as well as Leighton DaCosta, Leandro Da Silva, and Devon Rowland for their input on this subject.

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