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104 – Capturing the Sound: Music Photography, Mick Fleetwood, and the Maui Wildfires

When I saw the devastation wrought last August by the Maui wildfires, specifically those in Lehaina, I was speechless. And as the stories started coming in detailing what the people of the area went through, it only became more heart-wrenching

So, when photographer Sarah Sharaf-Eldien contacted me about discussing her new book, Mālama Maui, which showcases the island and the musicians who play there, I knew I had to have her on. Especially since 100% of the profits from the book will be donated to the Maui United Way Fire Disaster Relief Fund.

After a chance meeting, Sarah landed a music photography job most photographers would consider a dream, working alongside Mick Fleetwood, legendary drummer of the band Fleetwood Mac.

Mick Fleetwood, founder of Fleetwood Mac, with music photographer Sarah Sharaf-Eldien

She also got to work closely both local music artists and industry celebrities like Steven Tyler, Sammy Hagar, John Densmore, and more. Using the photos from this time in her life seemed like the natural thing to do to help the relief effort.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, music photography by Sarah Sharaf-Aldien
rock and roll musician Sammy Hagar, music photography by Sarah Sharaf-Aldien

“The word ‘Mālama’ in the Hawaiian language means ‘to serve, honor, protect, and care for.’ The wildfires’ heartbreaking devastation left hundreds of families displaced, countless businesses destroyed, and a tragic toll of lives lost. It is my hope that the photographs I’ve presented in Mālama Maui will preserve treasured memories, celebrate moments of magic, and cherish a sense of community that perseveres even in the face of adversity,” says Sharaf-Eldien.

“To the Ohana of Maui who have lost this historical part of their homeland, I wish Ka Lā Hiki Ola – the dawning of a new day. I sincerely hope that the funds raised from the sales of my book will contribute to the families and individuals who need our support, and will assist in the preservation and rebuilding efforts of Maui and Lahaina.”

Give the episode a listen, and please consider ordering a copy of the book or simply donating to the fund.

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About My Guest

music photographer Sarah Sharaf-Eldien

Sarah Sharaf-Eldien (pronounced ‘Sheriff el-Deen’) is an Egyptian-American portrait photographer who has worked closely with some of the most sought after musicians of our time. She began working in a fashion photography studio in Sydney, Australia, and transitioned into the world of music photography while shooting for legendary Fleetwood Mac drummer, Mick Fleetwood, on the island of Maui, Hawai’i.

Her book, Mālama Maui, was published in December 2023 by Genius Book Publishing. The new book chronicles numerous musicians performing at Fleetwood’s on Front Street in Maui, between 2016-17. All profits from the sale of the new book will be donated to the Maui United Way/Fire Disaster Relief Fun.

While working in Maui, she also photographed iconic music photographer Henry Diltz at The Morrison Hotel Gallery, influencing her perception of portrait photography as an art of storytelling. Her timeless images of musicians and celebrities to entrepreneurs and everyday people, capture intimate soulful moments that reveal the subtle genuine beauty within. Sarah is currently based in Alexandria, Virginia, and travels with her two mini-pin chihuahua rescues, Ava and Julian.

You can view more of Sarah’s work on her website. You can purchase a copy of her book on her website as well. Then be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook


Genius Book Publishing, based in Milwaukee, WI, was founded by Steven and Leya Booth, both avid readers. The company was launched in 2011 and, to date, has published over 60 titles in genres ranging from horror to mystery-thrillers to true crime stories. The Genius catalogue also includes traditional print coffee table books about music, photography, and history.

Find more information about Genius Book Publishing at their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

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