As photographers, we all want to have a unique and recognizable style that sets our work apart from others. But how do we go about finding and refining our style? In this episode, we’ll be discussing some key things to consider when trying to define your photographic style, as well as some exercises that can help you refine it.

We’ll be talking about everything from the importance of studying other photographers and artists to finding inspiration in your everyday life. We’ll also be discussing the role of experimentation and trial and error in refining your style, and the importance of staying true to your own vision and voice.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable insights and tips to help you define and refine your photographic style. So grab your camera, get ready to take some notes, and join us as we explore this fascinating and important topic.

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About My Guest

Myron Fields provides wedding, engagement photography, portraiture and headshot photography to clients primarily in the Washington, DC metro area.

After his first year of college studying music, Myron Fields decided to take the business route. He worked for several Fortune 500 businesses and even some start-ups, but the more he studied photography, there was a growing desire to serve others while doing something he truly enjoyed.

Serving couples, families, and individuals by creating authentic, bold, and editorial images is such a privilege and something Myron looks forward to each time he picks up the camera.

You can learn more about Myron and view his work at his website – or on Instagram @mfieldsphotography

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