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Before you go out and spend your hard earned money on (let’s face it) very expensive camera gear, you want to make sure whether or not it is worth the price! Welcome to the Nerdy Photographer’s Photography, Camera, and Lighting Gear Reviews archive.

photography gear reviews discussion

Here you will find reviews of gear and services that have been we have tried out ourselves. I mean, you can’t review something if you haven’t actually tried it out, right?

This is also where you will find articles reviewing and discussing cameras, lenses, lighting gear, new photo gear releases, as well as software and other essential pieces of the photography gear puzzle. There are also links to podcast episodes where we specifically discuss certain types of gear.

Looking for alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom? We have reviews on those.

Comparisons between different pieces of equipment to help you decide which is best for your style of photography? Indeed we do.

Articles on how to better understand the gear you are using? Yep!

We even have a camera buying guide to help you figure out which camera would be best for you.

Furthermore, is there are specific piece of photography gear that you would like to see reviewed? If so, here’s how you can let us know:

If you let me know what type of camera, lighting or editing gear you want to hear about, I will do my best to get you a review!

So peruse our photography gear reviews and discussion articles below. When you are finished with those, head over to our Tip & Techniques section for ideas on how to use your new gear!