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Photo Breakdown: Engagement Rings

There are always new thing to learn when it comes to photography. For example, eight years ago I started taking pictures of engagement rings balanced on brides’ shoes or other objects when I photograph weddings.

engagement ring balancing photos

I had seen photos that other photographers had done and I wanted to give it a try. What was my process? Watch the video below:

I was unaware that they were using dental wax or other substances to balance the photos. It didn’t change how I was doing things because it is still just quicker for me to do it by hand than to go to my bag to get something else.

But neither way is ‘better’. These are just different tools to have in your photography toolbox, that’s all! In fact, when I made this video, I thought about getting some of that dental wax and practicing to see what I could do, because, who knows? I may want to try a photo where the ring, or something else, can’t be balanced naturally. It’s always good to have options.

Want to see more videos like this one? Follow me on TikTok and Instagram. This video REALLY blew up on TikTok. I was not expecting 150,000 views in a week (which is where it’s at while I am writing this post) nor how much people would have to say about these photos.

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