Just last week, it was reported that a couple fell 800 feet to their deaths in Yosemite Park…while most likely trying to take selfies.

Why? Why is it so important to snap that selfie that you put your life at risk?

death by selfie

Leading Causes of Selfie Deaths

A recent study scoured news reports for deaths linked to selfie taking, and they found that the leading causes were as follows:

  1. Drowning (most often from falling into the water while trying to take a picture)
  2. “Transportation” (including a girl who tried to take a picture of herself on top of a train who was electrocuted by the wires that powered the train)
  3. Falling (off cliffs and ledges, down stairs, you name it…)

An Increasing Problem

The study, which searched for stories on selfie related deaths from 2011 to 2016, noticed the yearly number of reported incidents shot up from 3 in 2011 to 96 in 2016!!

As more and more people try to capture that ‘perfect’ selfie moment on mountain tops and bridges and other precarious positions, the number of deaths is going to go up, especially with “Instagram tourism” on the rise.

Probably Worse Than We Think

The problem with the ‘data’ provided by this study is that it is solely based on news reports. If a person dies in a car accident while taking a picture of themselves, it will most likely be reported as a traffic accident. There are probably hundreds of ‘selfie related’ deaths each year that go unreported. We’re just hearing about the most noticeable ones that make the news.

“No Selfie” Zones

In 2016, the city of Mumbai, after a string of selfie related deaths, implemented a number of ‘no selfie’ zones. India leads the world in selfie related fatalities, spurred by a craze to take pictures in ever more unusual locations — and crazy angles.

Situational Awareness

The best way to keep yourself safe is to use some COMMON FUCKING SENSE!!! Be aware of your situation. Don’t try to take photos of yourself while performing dangerous activities, or if you don’t have ample SAFE room to do it.

Personally, I’ve seen people climb up onto thin walls overlooking a 100 foot drop to grab a quick selfie. All it takes is a quick gust of wind, a momentary loss of balance, etc. and it’s all over.

You’re not Spiderman…

Being “Instagram famous” is not worth it.






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