Recently, I had a photographer friend over and showed him my Flashpoint eVOLV 200 set up. His response was that it seemed pretty cool, but that he’s a Profoto guy…

But having a little light like that, 4 times the power of speedlite with the same form factor, would come in pretty handy since he travels a lot.

And when I say he travels a lot, I mean he travels to multiple continents.

Then he sent me an email last week…

“Looks like Profoto has been seeing those little flash units flying off the shelves!”

Attached was a link to an article on Lighting Rumours.

The subject of the article? A leaked photo by Profoto possibly showing a small, lens-sized lighting unit.

profoto strobe unit leak
Courtesy of Lighting Rumours

The photo bears the caption, “PACKING LIGHT!”

Oh, I see what you did there! You played on light as in not very heavy and light as in lighting unit. A double entendr√©, if you will…and I will!

Hmmm, color me intrigued. Profoto makes great (if pricey) products. What do you think of this new offering from Profoto?

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