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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast is Coming!

Big news! The Nerdy Photographer podcast is officially in development!

AND this might not be what you’re expecting from a PHOTOGRAPHY podcast. I won’t be discussing shooting techniques (at least not directly for the time being). I’m going to be talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff: the nitty-gritty stuff that will help improve your business, or make you laugh! I’ll be getting my friends in the industry to tell their stories and give advice on how to ensure your success or try new things. Find out how they got to the top of their photography fields! There will also be opinions expressed, and hopefully we can start a discussion throughout the photography community as a whole.

I’m going to try to keep these episodes short. I’m hoping for each to be under 30 minutes, so that you can enjoy them during your commute or lunch break or while you’re editing!

The recording studio is set up and I’ve been recording some solo podcasts covering:

  • business and marketing
  • sales
  • social media
  • getting paid by difficult clients
  • and more!

I’ve also been sitting down with some of my photographer friends to discuss:

  • music/band photography
  • professional vs. full time photographers
  • commercial photography
  • traveling for photography gigs
  • getting your potential clients to speak honestly
  • 2nd shooters and associates
  • the photography community (or lack thereof)
  • contracts
  • and a whole bunch more!

So get ready! I’ll be finishing up production on the first few episodes this week and they’ll be going live shortly thereafter.

What can you do in the meantime? Any or all of the following:

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The Nerdy Photographer
The Nerdy Photographer

With more than a quarter century as a professional photographer, The Nerdy Photographer's goal is to spread knowledge and laughter throughout the photo industry. Please follow along on social media and subscribe to the podcast.

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