So, a lot of us are more than a little bit bored being locked down in isolation. The Nerdy Photographer put together a list of photo projects and challenges you can easily do from your own home! But last week, UK photogapher Chris Wallace went above and beyond creating amazing LEGO wedding photos in isolation…

Wallace not only created fantastic pictures, he came up with a brilliant backstory for the couple (Florence and Fred)…

They first met in a warehouse, it was a meeting like no other.  On the Amazon conveyor belt their eyes made contact and they fell in love, it was from that moment they knew they would be together forever.

lego wedding bride dress
lego wedding photos

Why did Wallace put in all this effort?

“As a now out of work wedding photographer due to the lockdown, I wanted to do something positive to drive people to my website and create content that people would want to read,” he said via email.

According to Wallace, the entire shoot took three days to plan and execute. He says he mostly used pieces from a 20 year old LEGO collection in his attic as well as a few additional pieces he ordered from Amazon.

One of the best things to me, as a wedding photographer, that Wallace manages in this shoot is to capture nearly EVERY cliche wedding photo, while still making the images fresh and fun.

wedding photographer captures amazing lego wedding photos

What has the reaction to this LEGO wedding shoot been like for Wallace?

“The response has been incredible!! I’ve had countless blogs contacting me to share the story, including bored panda who has an audience of 125 million. I’ve seen many shoots done the same since, but I like to think it was the humour that made mine popular.”

lego wedding reception

Wallace even took the term “drone shot” to new…heights!

lego wedding drone shot
lego wedding sparkler exit

And this is why wedding photographers tell everyone to be very careful during sparkler exits. This particular sparkler send off did not end well for several of the guests…

lego wedding behind the scenes

Wallace also shared some additional ‘behind the scenes’ shots with The Nerdy Photographer, showing how he was able to capture some of these great wedding photos.

lego wedding behind the scenes
lego wedding behind the scenes
lego wedding behind the scenes

It can be especially difficult photographing such a short couple. You have to adjust your equipment to get the lighting just right…

lego wedding behind the scenes

And you have to be on the lookout for passersby who want to jump in a photo…

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If you’d like to see the entire LEGO wedding (and I recommend viewing it on a big screen) as well as read all of the story Wallace came up with for this beautiful little couple, click here to view it over on his website!

photographer takes amazing lego wedding photos

What are Wallace’s future plans?

“I absolutely loved doing this and can’t wait to shoot their honeymoon!”

What do you think of these beautiful LEGO wedding photos? Tell us in a comment or head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages and leave a message there!

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