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As we prepare for our next ‘adventure’ episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast next week – which I am very excited about. I thought it might be a good idea to reacquaint people with the #NERDYPHOTOCREW.

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Anyway, getting back to the #NERDYPHOTOCREW! I put together some short introductory videos on each of the crew members…

The Nerdy Photographer

Yes, that’s me. Yes, I do tend to ramble on from time to time.


When I was trying to think of cool names for the ship/computer that also had some connection to photography, Fibonacci just sounded really cool. Don’t you think?


RULA-3RDS was just a great chance to make fun of the go to advice of composition – the RULE OF THIRDS!!


What can I say, I love prime lenses. But at times, they can be fickle. And you have to watch that depth of field.


Just another wonderful opportunity to bring in a photography related pun and the absolutely necessary creature crew member in the vein of Chewbacca and Snarf.

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The Nerdy Photographer
The Nerdy Photographer

With more than a quarter century as a professional photographer, The Nerdy Photographer's goal is to spread knowledge and laughter throughout the photo industry. Please follow along on social media and subscribe to the podcast.

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