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Are You Ready for the LEGO Honeymoon Photos?

Remember the other week when we showed you those incredible LEGO wedding photos by wedding photographer Chris Wallace? Well, Chris is back to share his equally amazing LEGO honeymoon photos!

Chris mentions in his post with the images that the couple’s original honeymoon plans changed due to current government travel restrictions. Still, they seem to have had an amazing time…

lego honeymoon photos

He also noted that Fred has not been able to get a haircut since the wedding and decided to let it grow out.

Also, Florence was able to find a bottle of blonde hair dye, and the couple only brought one outfit with them on the trip so that they could focus on their facial expressions!

lego minifigures honeymoon photos
lego minifigures wedding

This bubble shot is my absolute favorite!

lego honeymoon photos

The couple engaged in a lot of activities on their trip, including zip lining…

lego minifigure photo shoot


lego minifigures photo shoot

Exploring caves…

Chris truly has a great mind for visualizing his shots and bringing the concepts ‘to life’…

LEGO honeymoon photo shoot
LEGO minifigures honeymoon
LEGO wedding photos

Once again, Chris gave us a look behind-the-scenes, showing us how he created these amazing LEGO honeymoon photos.

Wallace was also keen to note that the little couple “only spent time together, they did not meet friends or family and only stayed within the grounds of the house and didn’t actually visit anywhere.”

It takes a lot of thought and effort to put together a shoot like this. Take that from a guy who spent a week creating an animated podcast episode.

Speaking of the podcast, I’m going to get Chris to visit the podcast and tell us more about his process and what the reaction to these shoots has been like.

What do you think of Chris Wallace’s LEGO honeymoon photos? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and tell us in a comment what you think Chris should tackle next!

You can also see more photos from the shoot over on Wallace’s website. Click here to go check them out!

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