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Interview on The Mood Podcast

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Matt Jacob for The MOOD Podcast. Does that name sound familiar? That’s probably because I just had him on The Nerdy Photographer Podcast to discuss his cultural portraiture work. I always love being on photography podcasts that not only discuss the photographer’s individual journey but also how they can help photographers who may be experiencing something similar.

The MOOD photography podcast

Matt is a great interviewer and it was a real pleasure to be on his show. We discussed everything from wedding photography to mental health to social media to setting boundaries in your business and personal life. There is also some discussion about why I started The Nerdy Photographer in the first place. Go check it out!

What did you think of my interview on The MOOD Podcast? Are there other photography podcasts that you think I should try to guest on? Or maybe other non-photography podcasts? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram or Threads. This is the first of several interviews, both on podcasts and in print, that I have coming up and I will continue to share them with you when they are published.

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