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Amazing FPV Drone Bowling Alley Video

You can do a lot of amazing things with drones. You can capture photos and video footage from angles that just aren’t possible otherwise. In the case of this incredible FPV (first-person view) drone bowling alley video, that is putting it mildly.

When I first saw this footage, a friend had posted it to Twitter. After watching several times, I was sure it had to be drone footage, but then I started second guessing myself. But how could it be drone video?

Are there cuts? What’s casting those shadows on the wall? No one could possibly Steadicam down a bowling alley lane without falling on their ass.

The video is incredibly well choreographed, the movements between the drone and the subjects in the bowling alley itself are seamless. Sound engineering and production (which I have learned more and more about producing the podcast) is particularly on point because drones are noisy, as are bowling alleys. There’s just no way that is ambient audio.

And the video is just a lot of FUN! Did you catch The Big Lebowski reference? Because you can’t do anything in a bowling alley without that sort of reference. It’s a moral imperative, Dude!

FPV drones are lightweight and less durable and are typically only used by racing and acrobatics flyers. However, filmmaker and drone pilot Jay Christensen of Minnesota-based Rally Studios shows us exactly what they can do when a creative mind finds the right equipment for the job in this amazing video!

You can check out more of his drone footage over on his YouTube channel.

We take our nerd hats off to you!

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