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Best Photography Podcasts [2023]

Hey, you wanted the best? You got the best!!! Okay…so how do you decide what the best photography podcasts are? There are literally hundreds of photography podcasts out there! The answer is that you can’t really determine “the best” because everyone is looking for something different. Some photographers want a podcast that will teach them new skills, whether photography or business related.

Other photographers want a podcast that has interviews with that give them insight into the creative process and journeys of other photographers.

And then there are the photographers who want a photography podcast that is purely entertainment.

The list below contains podcasts that fit all of these categories and more!

Best Photography Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

best photography photographer podcast

Just a reminder, this list is always open for new additions! If there’s a podcast you would like me to consider, head over to my Instagram or Twitter and let me know.

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Nerdy Photographer Podcast

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A bit of shameless self promotion…but the island of St. Lucia can’t be wrong! Also, we are consistently the #1 Visual Arts Podcast on Good Pods. The Nerdy Photographer podcast blends interviews with working photographers with technical tips and a little bit of useless information in every episode. It also has something NO OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST has – animated adventure episodes! Oh, and lots of world-building. Seriously, do you know another photography podcast that has those?

Wedding Photo Hangover

wedding photo hangover photography podcast

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Looking to learn about wedding photography? Well, then this is probably not the podcast for you. Hosts Steve and Dustin bill the podcast as “the finest in phototainment” where photographers can “decompress and if you need, to laugh the horrors of this unforgiving world away.”

Definitely a photography podcast to listen to if you just want to relax for a bit, be entertained, and don’t need to pay SUPER close attention.

Black Shutter Podcast

black shutter podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Hosted by award winning photojournalist and art director, Idris Talib Solomon, The Black Shutter Podcast features conversations with Black photographers, filmmakers, editors, and creative business folks. The discussions focus on their work, challenges, and inspirations in the world of photography.

Filters Removed Podcast

Filters Removed Photography Podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Hosts Dwayne and Mel from the Filters Removed Podcast read anonymous true stories of photography bloopers, hijinks, and shenanigans as well as sharing a few of their own and those of their guests!

This show is filled with funny stories, but it is also most definitely NSFW.

Beginner Photography Podcast

beginner photography podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

The Beginner Photography Podcast is a free weekly podcast hosted by wedding photographer Raymond Hatfield who interviews professional photographers (including me!) of all genres who share what they wish they knew when they got started so you can grow your photography skills faster!

High ISO Podcast

High ISO photography Podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Hosts Rob Hall and Justin Haugen talk about all things photography from current photo industry news , gear, and everything that comes with being a working or emerging photographer.

Tog Republic

the tog republic photography podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Host Carolina Guzik shares actionable marketing ideas for photographers to implement whether they are just starting out or seasoned professionals.

Seriously, if you are regularly looking for tips and advice on how to run your photography business, you should definitely be listening to this podcast.

The Candid Frame

candid frame photography podcast

Web | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher

The Candid Frame revolves primarily around interviews with photographers. Ibarionex Perello, the host, invites renowned figures in the industry as well as emerging talent to discuss their work and deep dive into their photography inspiration and thought process.

As a result, this photography podcast has little to do with sharing tips on how to shoot wedding or portrait photography, but instead offers a philosophical and intimate perspective of the photography world as a whole.

What do you think of the list?

So, what are your thoughts on this list of photography podcasts you should be listening to right now?You can always give me feedback on Instagram or Twitter.

Non Photography Podcast Suggestions

I have a long list of non-photography podcasts for you to listen to in your free time.

Click here to check out my list of “NerdCasts” over on Twitter. There are 25 different nerd focused podcasts to choose from.

I also have a longer list of 99 podcasts I recommend which you can see by clicking here. This list includes everything from movie reviews to true crime, sports, and more!

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