As Halloween approaches, and the proliferation of ‘sexy costumes’ photo shoots threatens to overwhelm us, let’s take a moment to consider stripping down to the basics…like this ‘bare bones’ skeleton boudoir session…

skeleton bare bones boudoir session

The COVID19 pandemic has made it especially difficult to have “in person” photo shoots indoors. Normally, I do a Halloween themed shoot pretty much every year. Something fun and frivolous.

But, we are taking all sorts of precautions due to the pandemic which has limited what all we can do. And then I remembered an idea a friend of mine tossed around a couple of years ago about a skeleton boudoir session.

The Fun and Challenges of Skeleton Boudoir

Putting together the shoot was a lot of fun. I thought about a lot of the stereotypical boudoir poses that we see all of the time. Silhouettes against windows. Isolated body parts. You know the photos!

bare bones boudoir

Sure, you might be thinking, “That’s a skeleton!”

But, one could say, if you’re going to ‘strip down’, why not strip ALL THE WAY DOWN?

skeleton boudoir

The hardest part is getting the skeleton to hold the poses that you want to shoot! They don’t like to cooperate.

bare bones boudoir

What do you think of our skeleton boudoir session? Have you photographed a fun Halloween shoot? We’d love to see samples! Share with us on our Facebook page, DM us on Instagram, or tweet at us!

If we get enough responses, we’ll share some of our favorites on the blog and on social media (with credits of course!!)

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