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Have you been considering becoming a sponsor of a photography podcast? Wondering if advertising on a photography podcast can help your business? Trying to reach photographers when they are actually paying attention? The Nerdy Photographer podcast and website can help you with that.

advertise to photographers on a photography podcast when you sponsor the nerdy photographer

About The Host

Hey! My name is Casey Fatchett and I’ve been a professional photographer for over twenty years. During my professional photography career, I’ve seen my work published in The New York Times, New York Magazine, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, international arts publications, and hundreds of other blogs, publications, and media outlets. My photos (and my customer service) have won dozens of awards.

Furthermore, the last two decades have allowed me to connect with hundreds of great professionals in a variety of industries, and I draw upon that network as the host of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast.

About The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast started in August of 2019. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to address issues that photographers face that don’t just deal with camera gear. I also didn’t want to solely focus on industry news. I knew that I personally grew a lot from listening to other photographers in different niches of the industry and I thought it would be good to bring photographers in from many different specialties to talk about how the business of photography is different for them.

As time went on, I realized that I needed to further distinguish myself from other photography podcasts and really dive headlong into the ‘nerdy’ side of things, introducing a science fiction/comic book adventure story ‘frame’ that surrounds each episode, as well as regular occasional ‘adventure episodes’ featuring these storylines.

The switch was a success, landing more subscribers in a saturated field and catapulting the The Nerdy Photographer Podcast as high as #85 among visual arts podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Diverse Guest List

To put it bluntly, this isn’t a bunch of white guys talking about cameras.

Nerdy Photographer Podcast Guests

In podcast episodes that include a guest, 66% represent the BIPOC, Latinx, or Asian communities. Furthermore, 33% of the guests spots are female (a stat I am actively looking to increase). Also, I am consciously making an effort to increase representation of the wide variety of people who make up the photography community.

History & Consistency Matter

There are nearly TWO MILLION podcasts currently listed on Apple Podcasts. Of those two million podcasts, only 36% have released an episode every three months! Many podcasts also never release more than fourteen episodes. Also, any podcast that does not release an episode every 90 days is automatically deemed “inactive”.

photography podcast rankings advertise or sponsor photo podcast for photographers

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast releases episodes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis even under the busiest of circumstances. This level of activity puts The Nerdy Photographer Podcast in the top 10% of all podcasts worldwide.

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast also frequently ranks in the Top 200 Visual Arts Podcasts on Apple Podcasts in the United States. Furthermore, it frequently cracks the Top 50 in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, and Norway.

Knowing these statistics and the history of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast is exceptionally important to you as a sponsor. If you sponsor the wrong photography podcast, you will regret it. That podcast might not even be around in three months.

The topics of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast episodes are evergreen (always of interest to photographers) and episodes continue to be played years later. Only in rare instances do podcast episodes deal with photography industry news. For the most part, they cover topics that help photographers not only improve their skills, but also how to run their photography business.

Listeners continue to download episodes of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast years after their release. When you invest in sponsoring this podcast, the reach of your ads will be felt for a long time to come.

Becoming a Sponsor

I am glad that you are considering sponsoring The Nerdy Photographer. So you know, I will be looking into you as much as you are into me. The integrity of The Nerdy Photographer is very important for me. I receive many messages about sponsoring the website or the podcast, and I am very particular.

Discussions about sponsorship are completely open, but your product or service will need to meet a high standard. Also, I may ask to test it out before we proceed.

Nerdy Photographer Ads

So you’re considering advertising to photographers by become a sponsor of a photography podcast? You want to reach photographers in a way that actually gets their attention. There are a number of different types of sponsorship opportunities, on the website, on the podcast, and via social media. The best way to reach the Nerdy Photographer community is by leveraging all of these options, and if you choose to do so, the cost will be discounted significantly.

Nerdy Photographer Website Ads

The Nerdy Photographer site was established in 2018. Since then, we’ve regularly released articles on photography tips & techniques, marketing & business, DIY photography projects, gear reviews, and more.

The site receives thousands of unique visitors every month. I offer three types of website ads:

  • Front Page: This is a large banner placed on the front page of the website, the most frequently visited page on the site. Only two rotating ads are available at any time.
  • Right Sidebar/Navigation: This is the area to the right of the main content, below the navigation and search functions. This area is visible on desktop and tablet browsers. Up to 5 spots are available in this area at any time.
  • Inside a Post: You can choose to purchase an ad in a particular post or have your ad displayed across numerous posts for greater reach.

Nerdy Photographer Podcast Ads

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast offers pre and mid roll host read ads to our sponsorship partners.

“Host read” means I read the ads in my own voice, which means listeners are less likely to skip past the ad. You provide the ad copy telling me what is important to get across to the listeners. Once submitted, I make it fit into the pattern of my speaking voice. That way it flows naturally with the course of the episode. Since most podcast players offer a 10 or 15 second ‘skip ahead’ function, I offer the following ad options:

  • 30 Second Pre-Roll Ad (up to 2 per episode – these happen within the first two minutes of the episode)
  • 60 Second Pre-Roll Ad (one per episode – happens within the first three minutes of the episode)
  • 60 Second Mid-Roll Ad (up to 2 per episode – happens approximately two-thirds of the way through the episode)

When purchasing podcast ads, you will receive a sponsorship notice on the blog post that coincides with that episode. Your information will remain there permanently, and will be viewed by anyone who accesses that page in the future.

Social Media

The Nerdy Photographer has an engaged social media audience of thousands of photographers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you purchase a podcast ad, you can add social media ads to ensure you reach our entire audience. These ads would run once per month.


The podcast industry runs on a 45 day download average model. That means the number of downloads episodes receive within 45 days of release, averaged over 12 months. As that number is constantly fluctuating, I cannot post it here. If you decide you want to become a sponsor and advertise to photographers through The Nerdy Photographer Podcast, I will be happy to provide it when you contact me.

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast has an average listening audience greater than 90% of the podcasts in existence. Furthermore, the podcast consistently ranks among the top 50 photography related podcasts.

Should I accept your sponsorship offer, I think you have something truly valuable to offer The Nerdy Photographer community. My job, first and foremost, is helping them.

Studies show that people need to see a product at least seven times before they decide to purchase. Logically, the longer you choose to sponsor, and in more locations, the greater the likelihood our audience will buy. That being said, the greater your sponsorship commitment, the more I will discount the cost of your ads.

If you are seriously considering sponsoring The Nerdy Photographer and advertising to photographers on our photography podcast, please fill out the form below: